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What has been a challenge in your journey as a Christian?

What we have (our money, time, health) is not ours, it is God’s gift to us so we should use it wisely…

I struggle to understand how and why some people are born or end up in complete poverty whilst the rest of us are born into a well developed nation with access to clean water, excellent health facilities and safety. I struggle to see how and why God allowed this. I struggle to understand what I can effectively do about this.

Whilst on a mission trip in 2015, I remember walking through the slum village of a border town in Poipet, Cambodia and I was emotionally broken at the sight.

There were naked young children running around on rocky dirt roads with litter everywhere. They looked malnourished. There were men sleeping on hammocks underneath their homes which were really slabs of broken wood stacked together. There were elderly men and women with missing body limbs selling food.

My question to God was this: “Why them and not me?”
I want to respond in a way that is meaningful and God-glorifying. It’s easy to think that there is no use in trying because the problem is too big but we can all start somewhere. You could sponsor a child, assist a homeless shelter, donate generously to Christian organisations and missionaries that are doing the direct work. What we have (our money, time, health) is not ours, it is God’s gift to us so we should use it wisely.

We know that the main thing is to pray for those in poverty to know God and be saved. That is where true joy is found. However, I believe God also wants us to show love in action - found in Matthew 25:34-40.


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